The "COVID-19 Data Sharing Platform" is launched by the National Population Health Data Center(NPHDC) and the Institute of Medical Information(IMI), Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences(CAMS). The service aims to provide reference for global epidemic prevention and control and scientific research by providing the latest scientific data, research paper, epidemic reports, epidemic prevention guidance, standards, policies, protection knowledge and media resources. The work team maintains a neutral position and has no tendentious opinions. The excerpted contents are mainly used to explain the scientific data, research paper and other resources themselves, and strive to objectively and truly reflect the original situation, so as to provide reference for users. The inclusion and translation of a resource by the work team does not mean that the work team endorses this resource; the work team is not responsible for the validity or accuracy of the content of all resources in this platform. Since the excerpted content has specific third-party sources, users are requested to obtain the specific original content through the third-party source clues, and then screen and use it by themselves. The work team hopes to further emphasize that the texts excerpted by the team should not be regarded as the whole of relevant research resources, used as guidance for clinical medicine and health management, or reported in the news media as established facts. Due to the limited level, there will be omissions in the excerpts. Please understand. In addition, if the content, copyright and other issues are involved, please contact this website within 30 days, and we will delete the content as soon as possible!